Bali Coffee Training

Kopi Bali’s Bali Coffee House offers free training (min. 10) in the art of coffee, providing professionals with the skills necessary to make the very best coffee.

The preparation of excellent espresso depends on many factors like quality of coffee blend, the perfect functioning of espresso machine and grinder and most importantly, a technical mastery of the entire coffee process.

The training covers all aspects of the coffee process, beginning with the coffee plant itself and its different varieties, how it is grown and harvested, as well as the blending and roasting of coffee. How to select and make the best use of espresso machines and also mocha pots is also described in detail.

Course participants are shown how to avoid mistakes in order to achieve the perfect espresso. They are taught how to achieve the best mlk foam for cappuccino, and also how to make a range of coffee drinks including latte, mocha, and other favourites such as frozen cappuccino and other ice blends.

Typical course content:

  • The coffee plant
  • Roasting techniques
  • Coffee grinders
  • Selecting coffee machines
  • Brewing the perfect espresso
  • Operating and maintaining coffee machines
  • Coffee recipes

How to use a Mocha Pot

Choosing and using coffee machines

What goes into a Frozen Cappuccino

Coffee grinders