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Explore the rich tradition of Indonesia’s
finest coffees, the freshest, most flavourful – with Butterfly Globe Kopi Bali, Indonesia’s premier gourmet coffee roaster.

Discover an exciting variety of great
tasting coffees, unique blends with distinct characteristics created from premium beans sourced throughout the islands of
Indonesia, the world’s third
largest coffee exporter.

Coffee Cherries Ripening on the Tree

Kopi Bali uses only high grade beans
cultivated in the highlands of Bali, where volcanic soil and a cool climate provide a highly favourable environment for the arabica coffee tree.

Drying Bali Coffee Beans

The traditional way of processing coffee is to allow freshly handpicked beans to be laid out to dry in the sun. After up to two weeks of drying, the outer shells turn dark brown and brittle.

Maturing Bali Coffee Beans

The beans are pounded by hand to remove the dried husks. They are then kept in a warehouse for at least a year to allow time for maturing.

Roasted Coffee Bali Beans

At Kopi Bali’s Denpasar factory the aged Bali beans are meticulously sorted by hand and graded before roasting to exacting specifications to produce a natural mocha taste. No artificial flavours or chemical processes are used.

The perfect Cup of Bali Coffee

Butterfly Globe Kopi Bali is today
Bali’s favourite coffee. Sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, or exclusively packaged for hotels and duty free shops, Kopi Bali is the island’s best known home-grown product.